Lash Extensions – How to protect your natural lashes

Your ultimate eyelash extensions guide to protecting your natural lashes 

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Many women in London are put off extensions for fear of damaging their own lashes. We can completely understand this concern.

Unfortunately London is notorious for poor practise even though there are many very talented eyelash artists – make sure you spend the time conducting thorough research prior to booking this expensive treatment.

In this eyelash extensions guide I explain my own experience with extensions as both a client and technician. I hope this article will help ensure you keep both your extensions and natural lashes healthy.

Lash extensions shouldn’t damage your eyelashes.                               They really shouldn’t.

I find that curlers and perming cause far more shedding.

However they very much can, if applied incorrectly or badly maintained.

Let’s look at these two aspects and how you can ensure you don’t damage your own lashes whilst enjoying regular sets of extensions.

Lash application – Artist  Responsibility

Extensions should only be applied individually to each single lash. If two natural lashes are accidentally applied to one extension then when one of the natural lashes bearing the extension naturally falls out… It will pull the other lash out too early in it’s cycle.
Russian lashes apply multiple very light lashes to one lash. And this shouldn’t damage them if applied correctly as each extension can shed without causing tension on the natural lash. We personally don’t apply more than 3 to one natural lash unless the client has very thick/strong eyelashes (in which case Russian lashes probably aren’t the best design for them – We discuss why full volume isn’t right for most clients from an aesthetic point of view here)


Thicker extensions – Friend or FOE?

We like to work with thinner lashes to an absolute max of 0.15mm thickness.

Using thicker individual lashes (0.2 or above) is beneficial on an economical level for the technician: You can create a dramatic set of extensions in a faster time due to applying less lashes. Also the client may want this look, We don’t mean to imply it’s a swindle.
However, the thicker and longer the lash extension the more tension caused to the natural lash which will result in shedding if it’s too heavy for the natural lash.

We like to treat each human lash on an individual basis, our sets are created to avoid the false lash strip effect, so if there are smaller lashes we’ll apply a very thin small extension to it where as a thick, longer natural lash in its mid cycle can take the longest extension in the set. This creates the soft  premium look that the majority of clients request.

If your eyelash artist follows the above points on this eyelash extensions guide you shouldn’t receive any lash loss from the application of lashes.

Post Application Loss- Client Responsibility 

Once your extensions are applied you can ensure the health of both your extensions and your natural lashes with some pretty easy steps.
Playing with them is a big no-no, how often you touch your lashes is dramatically increased with the wearing of extensions, I’m not sure why but I was guilty of this myself. You just have an urge to touch them. Keep reminding yourself not to as you’ll lose your extensions faster along with a chance of damaging your own lashes.

Removing them yourself?

Ever had a bad set and thought… I want these off now! In my years of having extensions this happened to me. And there was no professional remover to hand. You must, in the first instance, go to a professional for removal. If, however, you were about to pick off those last few lashes from an old set yourself please don’t, you will really damage your own lashes!

If you have lumpy or excessive amounts of adhesive from a bad application then see a (different) professional as they will ensure no further damage to your lashes.

6 months? Time for a check up 

Although not essential, We ask our clients who continuously wear  eyelash extensions have them fully removed and re applied every 3 – 6 months.

It allows us to see if there are any changes to the natural lash cycle and perform a treatment on the natural eyelashes. I do this this with my own and I find that my lashes are slightly less curly after a years continuous use but regain this quickly. Also I have thicker natural eyelashes as a result of Moka’s extensions. Using curlers and mascara causes lash loss for me.
If your lash technician is a pro and you keep your hands off them you should have a wonderful love affair with your C Curl lashes.

Thank you for taking the time to read this eyelash extensions guide 💋

Sarah x

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