Make up you MUST wear to bed

We’ve all heard of ‘make up you can sleep in’ but often that’s not true, just marketing spin…
…This little product lives up to the hype and it really did transform & clear my skin whilst I zzzz
make up you can wear to bed

I look exactly like this in the morning now… It’s uncanny.

UPDATE 13/2/17: I have a gut wrenchingly awful feeling this product has been rebranded – at the moment the clear powder is available and hopefully they will re introduce the foundation element soon. Amazon, Boots and eBay all currently have stock of the original; 🙂

Apparently a quarter of UK women wear make up to bed when sleeping with a partner…

….and many more keep it on for an entire long hall flight. I’m not one for statistics but that’s a lot of bad beauty practises taking place. Most would deny it for fear of appearing insecure or possibly vain but women to tend to suffer with adult acne more than men due to our hormones and when I’ve been victim to a nasty outbreak, coinciding with a boyfriend/red eye flight I’ve been more than tempted to cover those horrors up whilst worrying I’ll make it worse. If only someone would invent make up you can sleep in that didn’t trigger acne I would bemoan on the regular.

We’re not all blessed with a flawless morning face, in fact, 95% of us aren’t and that definitely includes little old me right through to the dizzy heights of Victoria Secrets girls.

#justwokeuplikethis was not something I would EVER tag (for a variety of reasons not all related to my skin).

If you aren’t sleeping alone it can be scary showing your red & acne scarred post cleanse face. Now I know that any decent bed fellow isn’t going to stop loving you because they see your actual face (😱). But if it makes you feel a bit insecure and you’d like better skin then I have the answer. Life’s just too short. It’s also perfect for a long haul flight when you simply take your make up off if you suffer from acne. But you already knew that didn’t you?

Bare minerals night transformation treatment

I finally found what I’d always been searching for, genuine make up you can sleep in. Truthfully It’s not make up, it is designed to improve your skin and I wear it more for skincare than anything else these days. A brilliant buy-product is that it’s a dewy high coverage foundation that goes on in powder form. I even use it as a concealer during the day as it’s so effective. I think it does have draw backs and that’s because it’s not the easiest thing to use so I’ll explain how I get the most out of it. It’s also pricey but lasts me for 3 months plus which is a good economy in my book.


make up you can sleep in

Bare Minerals Pure Transformation Night Treatment

So here’s how to use this this little miracle:
  • Post cleanse you need to use moisturiser or a glycolic acne cream prior to application or it just won’t go on. On dry skin you’ll be lobbing the product on your face and, like a slimy politician, you’ll find nothing seems to stick.
  • I’m a pale skinned girl so I selected the light shade. If you are using it primarily for night time make up (I won’t tell) then you may wish to buy two and mix the shades. I do this with my mineral day powder.
  • It sticks to moisturiser like a beast so moisturise and leave 5 seconds after applying before shaking the pot with the lid on which allows the product to stick to the brush. Then blend the product in circular motions to your cheeks, it needs a fair bit of elbow grease or it’ll just stick to your skin or streak.
  • Any water on your face will cause it to streak, not to be gross but if your nose slightly runs post cleanse this will show it, so make sure it’s all dry before moisturising.
  • Buff relatively fast and with gusto to prevent streaks: Do this across your face including your eyes. You’ll notice the brush isn’t great for getting in those eye socket so here’s the trick.
  • Take a clean ‘reserved for night time make up’ foundation or small powder brush and dip it in the product collected at the bottom of the tray and blend it across and under your eyes.
  • And now for the genius part, got a horror zit or scar? You can use a CLEAN finger or concealer (again reserved only for night use) and dip it in the collected product and dab on for a very high coverage that doesn’t budge.

The most amazing thing with this product is it doesn’t stick to the sheets, it’s our little secret… And you wake up looking glowing and gorgeous while it performs miracles over night!

Bardot wore ALL the make up in bed

Ok, so now you have a flawless clear skinned skin face that’s going to make your skin look and feel amazing in the morning. If you want to take it to the extreme, say your on a flight and want to look naturally flawless on arrival, here’s the full look:

  • Add a tiny bit of lip stain to bring back the colour. Lip stains are usually available in pen form and looks like a marker pen. In the UK go and  and pick up Collection Colour Pout Lip Stain in ‘Flirt’ (it’s silly cheap compared to Benefit Benetint etc) and US… I’d say Walmart will have something similar. It just gives a plausibly natural colour that doesn’t move or look like you’re wearing anything like a gloss or lipstick would.
  • Now this is controversial: If you get acne on your cheeks don’t do it. But you can add a tiny bit of mineral blush. Just a tad, it’s never broken me out but I’ve only tried it a few times for the purpose of this article.
  • Now on your eyes you can go back to the Bare Minerals:  just a little dab across the lids will get rid of any red/blotchy colour.
  • If your wearing Moka & Sarah extensions your eyelashes are sorted 😉 And if not, a little go with the curler. I pre extensions I would only use Shu Umera  I’ve tried the lot and it lives up to the hype in my case.

Just worth noting that I also tried Bare Minerals Day Transformation treatment following my success, but unfortunately it really didn’t look anywhere near as good on me, just a bit chalky and washed out. If I’m having a make up free day and need to pop out, I’ll just use the nighttime one

Just a little emergency procedure for those wanting better flawless skin from lights out to sun up.

Sarah x

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