Our promise to you – Moka & Sarah promote the health of your eyelashes

We promise our unique Moka & Sarah extensions will allow at least 25% (minimum) regrowth of your natural eyelashes if worn for three month.

For clients who have damaged or balding eyelashes from previous styling, extensions or false eyelashes.

This client had experienced breakage and full eyelash loss following a Lash lift plus previous curler and mascara use

Before treatment and after 6 weeks wearing Moka & Sarah extensions

Before treatment and after 6 weeks wearing Moka & Sarah extensions

Eyelash extensions have a terrible reputation for damaging your natural eyelashes, they can cause balding, breakage and in some cases permanent loss when applied incorrectly. This happens gradually and many of the clients we see for the first time don’t realise they have very damaged eyelashes at all. We don’t enjoy explaining this and would never wish to seem critical but, like all professional technicians, we have to ensure we manage our client’s expectation as to what can be achieved in the first instance if they have very sparse, damaged eyelashes. Fortunately, after 6 weeks regrowth, we can start to build a more dramatic and fuller effect if desired.

The reason we won’t apply a heavy set to weak eyelashes is simple: If you continue to lose your eyelashes with damaging applications, perming etc the eyelash loss can become permanent. This is called traction alopecia and it the result of an eyelash or hair being continually pulled from its follicle and eventually not growing back. In the same way your hair growth can slow or stop as the result of plucking and waxing. We would never wish to risk this in the long term.

Our application method is something Moka has developed over a decade treating clients all over the world, it’s highly meticulous and takes marginally longer than the average time for the treatment. She can only see four clients in a day due to the concentration involved. The majority of our clients see us on a monthly basis as they report their extensions last much longer and they don’t suffer any damage.

The 100 Lashes promise


Here is a client who has lost patches of eyelashes due to previous extension use – after 6 weeks we can see significant signs of regrowth

image of damaged eyelash extensions

Before Moka & Sarah extensions

image of eyelashes

After 6 weeks wearing Moka & Sarah Extensions

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