Who shouldn’t have eyelash extensions :(

The phrase ‘eyelash extension problem’ usually makes us rise to the challenge.  But in some cases, we have to say no… So sorry, we know it feels like a tragedy when you can’t have your eyelashes applied!

The good news is, in most cases, it’s only a temporary abstinence that’s required:


Mums cooking buns


Not the Mary Berry’s  amongst you but pregnant ladies! There are several reasons for this with the most important being safety: Allergic reactions to eyelash extensions happen, albeit extremely rarely but they do. In most cases this is easily manageable with antihistamine and in very rare cases the doctor may prescribe something more powerful. Now if you are pregnant you may be unable to take the medication required and a minor eyelash extension problem could be a much bigger one. Let’s be honest, an allergic response in your body is not something you want happening whilst your housing your bundle of joy.

Another important point is that the body can develop allergies at any time, so even with no prior problems with the adhesive or a patch test your immune system can suddenly decide it just doesn’t like it. Not worth the risk in our opinion. Also lying on your back for over an hour isn’t good practise nor comfortable when pregnant (or so we’ve been told). The final point is that you shed a lot of hair post pregnancy including your eyelashes so wait until your breast feeding is over and we would love to see you again on the couch.

(the above is not medical advice – in all cases of an allergic reaction seek professional medical advice as soon as possible)

If you’ve been under the knife 


eye surgery

If you have had eye surgery in the last 6 months it’s a no go I’m afraid. Eyelash extensions carry a risk as with all beauty treatments, we explain this in detail with our clients at consultation, allergies can develop at any time (extremely rarely but still a possibility) so if your eye is in any less that perfect health then it’s not worth risking it. If you’ve recently had an eye infection you should also steer clear. We sanitise everything we use on each client rigorously but it’s not just your health but it’s ours as well 🙁 if our staff develop an eye infection they can’t work for two weeks just to be on the safe side.

If you have had your eyebrows tattooed please wait for it to heal and for a month after the top up appointment. Material will be in contact with your brow area throughout the treatment and this could be uncomfortable and risk damaging your new arches! If you have had permanent eyeliner tattooed then please wait for 6 months.

Blepharitis (flaking of the eyelid) can actually be caused by eyelash extensions not being kept properly clean, this is often not the clients fault as they haven’t been made aware of this as part of their aftercare. Wash you eyelashes every other day and you won’t have a problem. Read more about aftercare here.


Those with very damaged eyelashes


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When your eyelashes are very damaged you may not be aware of it. One of the biggest challenges we face is explaining to a lovely new client who has been wearing very thick extensions that they have very damaged lashes and we can’t apply the look they previously had. This is tricky as they loved their extensions and they want the same look so not only are we saying we won’t apply this but we’re also bearing bad news and essentially ruining Christmas/Birthday/LIFE.

We could, in this instance, apply exactly what they want and send them on their way… But that wouldn’t be fair, in fact, it’s down right mean. They are totally unaware they are risking permanent lash loss and there’s no real way back from that. In this case we may be able to apply a light set to allow the new lashes to grow through and then we can build up the look as the health improves. This is always tricky as we never want a client to be disappointed and we love giving them their dream eyelashes, but with this we will need a bit of time. These situations are very rare but the biggest culprit is cluster lashes which are currently being sold as extensions. We will write about this soon but they are incredibly damaging, we’re not usually so forceful in our opinions but please, PLEASE avoid at all costs.


The worst possible candidate


eyelash extension problem

Sarah: The Eyelash Extension problem child


Hi, I’m Sarah… one half of Moka & Sarah, and I am the worst possible candidate for eyelash extensions.  (I can still wear them but I have to accept that I’ll need infills much more regularly than the next girl)

  • I have extremely oily skin (lovely) and at 31 years old it shows no signs of letting up. Oil is the enemy of extensions, it breaks down the bond of the eyelash and they shed so much faster.
  • My hair grows so fast I should sell it, but this means my eyelash cycle is going round the track like it’s on steroids. The faster it grows, the faster the extension grows out. Bizarrely my hair is also quite weak and brittle (load of good that oil did me) so they extensions have trouble adhering.
  • I sleep with my face in the pillow, I go to sleep on my back but as soon as my subconscious gains control my face is mashed into the pillow.
  • I can’t go without liquid eyeliner.
  • I forget I’m wearing them and rub my eyes.

Ok so where does this leave me (and you if you are in the same boat):

Prior to Moka I visited many technicians as I was desperate for extensions (mascara just got washed away in the oil slick) but I needed infills within a week, I was neither rich enough in time nor money so it just wasn’t working for. I must say it wasn’t the previous technicians fault at all, I’m just not suited to the treatment and wasn’t careful enough with my aftercare

I took a last ditch attempt on Moka,  and then I was going to give up (it’s worth mentioning at this stage I had also previously fried my lashes with a bad LVL treatment). I had little faith she could fix my eyelash extension problem… but thankfully I was wrong!

For the first time I could go nearly 3 weeks without an infill. I was beyond happy. At 20 days I definitely needed one but this was really something. Now obviously Moka’s application and materials were a vital contributing factor but her aftercare advice was a big part of my success too.

If you, like me, are not genetically suited to extensions, you can still have them. Sadly we have to accept we will need infills more frequently and there may be some trial and error involved but you can get there. If you think this applies to you just get in touch and I’d love to help. It doesn’t matter if your not a client with us, we’re always here if you need some advice with any eyelash extension problem.


Moka & Sarah x