Our Eyelash Extensions

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Many of our new clients contact us asking exactly what extensions we use – ‘Are they mink?’ Is a common question. For all intents and purposes they are, but the general concept of mink is a myth (you can read why here) so we don’t advertise as such.  

Mink, silk, cashmere and diamond are all made from the same synthetic material, what these names mean in terms of appearance varies depending on your supplier/salon.

We never work with animal sourced extensions as it’s impossible to source ethically.

We import our eyelashes from Japan as they tend to come up finer than the ones we have looked at in the UK under the same specification. Applying a very fine extension is a crucial aspect to the Japanese eyelash extension technique. It worth noting the majority of eyelash extensions are manufactured in South Korea,Japan and China and are then branded accordingly for the various global markets. Finer extensions give a more natural appearance and are especially beautiful when applying many to create density.

Once a year we source samples from multiple suppliers, we then compare the shape, tapering, curl before testing them against heat and water exposure over a month. Whichever performs best is the stock we import. 

We always use a very fine extension that tapers naturally to a fine tip, it will have a natural shine yet almost matte appearance to mimic the human eyelash as closely as possible. As it’s matte it could be defined as a non animal sourced mink eyelash extension by European terms.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you wish to discuss further.

Moka & Sarah x