Moka & Sarah Rebalance

Once your eyelash extensions have been applied we can rebalance them with infills for 3-6 months to keep them looking pristine.

We are often very heavily booked so please book these appointments in advance to avoid disappointment.

We use a unique infill method, developed over a decade, which is extremely thorough and takes a slightly longer time than the standard – we always allow 1 hr 30mins – 2hrs to ensure the health and longevity of your natural eyelashes and extensions.

This method allows the majority of our clients to see us on a monthly basis.

If you wish to change your design or upgrade your set at an infill we would be delighted to accommodate this.

 MOKA & SARAH Rebalance

  • This service begins with us checking your lash pattern and health – we also assess how your extensions have shed.
  • We then check every single extensions bond to each natural lash. If we feel it is no longer in perfect condition, grown out or not fully adhered to the natural eyelash we remove it.
  • We will also remove any extensions that are attached to an eyelash that is reaching the end of its life cycle.
  • We use a unique removal method at infill which is damage free, doesn’t require chemicals and is totally painless. We never peel the extensions from the eyelash which has sadly become common practice as this severely weakens and kinks the natural lash.
  • We can now perform a thorough clean of the eyelashes using a gentle water-based cleanser that is engineered for the eyelash extensions. We never use alcohol-based primers.
  • We then begin the reapplication of extensions to build the design. Where possible we select new eyelashes that have grown to the optimal stage for bearing an extension.
  • You open your eyes to what looks like a brand new set.
  • We will let you know anything we have noted that can help you care for your lashes and new extensions.

Rebalance Conditions

For us to be able to perform a Rebalance the following must be adhered to:

  • We can only rebalance our own work due to safety (mixing adhesives).
  • This must take place within 5 weeks due to eyelash growth.
  • Mascara cannot have been used on the extensions.
  • 30% of the eyelash extensions must remain.
  • The extensions must have been kept clean with regular cleansing.
  • You must arrive at the rebalance appointment without eyeliner or heavy eyeshadow.

If one or more of the following has not been met, sadly, we may not be able to infill and a removal and new set would be required.

This is due to both eye health and us being able to guarantee the longevity of our work.


At this stage we need to remove your extensions, thoroughly clean and perform a nourishing treatment on your natural eyelashes. Many of your extensions will have remained on your eyelash for an extended period of time so they need to be removed.

If you have kept up you rebalance appointments and followed our guidance we will perform all the above free of charge. You will only pay for the brand new set, you may wish to try a new design at this stage so please just let us know.