Bridal Eyelash Extensions

Guides for the Brides

Before we mention anything else, can we just say congratulations on becoming engaged to the love of your life! Amazing! We wish you every happiness for your wedding and your future and would be delighted to be a small part of your big day.

We treat, quite literally, hundreds of Brides for their nuptials and as the same questions emerge each time we felt a little guide could be helpful.

Whether you are tying the knot in a Chianti Vineyard or tossing the bouquet on a London  terrace, we are here to take the stress out of the eyelash element of your day.

Save your stressing for the table settings

Japanese eyelash extensions are a perfect accompaniment to bridal make up as they always appear natural due to the fine nature of the eyelashes and the application method ensures they’ll last through your honeymoon. You no longer have to worry about mascara smudging as you cry through the speeches and, of course, we will never damage your natural eyelashes.

Before we say anything else though, please, please book all your appointments far in advance. We tend to be fully booked at least two weeks ahead and evenings and weekends can extend to a month at times. We really don’t want you to be disappointed and feel awful when we can’t see someone.

Please book all appointments far in advance – we really don’t like disappointing brides to be!


There are two routes for Brides to follow depending on time and finances….

1st Option

  1. We schedule a quick consultation where we can test you for allergies, access your natural lashes and discuss any questions you may have. This takes 30 mins and must take place 24hrs before an application.
  2. The eyelashes extensions are then applied three to four weeks before your wedding – Following a thorough design consultation. We tend to advise an 80% set be applied to first timers as this gives you a chance to ‘dip your toe in’, you can choose to increase the volume and even change the length or design at the next appointment if you wish but you may find that 80% coverage is more than enough for you. If you are having a Bridal Make Up trial we would suggest it takes place following this appointment so the Make Up artist is able to factor in your new eyelash extensions.
  3. We then perform a rebalance appointment 5 – 6 days before your wedding. At this stage you will have lost some eyelash extensions and if you wish to try a 95% coverage or Premium set we can provide this as a rebalance. We are delighted to change the design or length at this stage so just let us know if you wish to.

2nd Option

If you are struggling for time or would like to save some budget for the floral arrangements then you can just book a consultation followed by an application 6 days prior to the wedding. The 1st option appointment route is usually preferable to those who are having make up trials. But we understand it is expensive and many choose just to have them applied a week before the big day.

Important Safety Information

You may be reading this and thinking it would be better to apply a day before the wedding –  but there’s a reason we won’t do this.

Allergic reactions/ visible irritation to eyelash extension adhesive is extremely rare but there is always a small chance even with prior use or a patch test. The human immune system is incredible yet unpredictable and it can suddenly decide it simply doesn’t like something. In the same way you may suddenly find you become allergic to a skin cream or food after years of no prior issues.

We feel it’s only fair that we are very honest with our clients about this. We take every possible care to ensure this doesn’t happen, Moka has seen two mild cases in her 10 years treating thousands and thousands of clients and we conduct continuous research on signs that a client would be at risk of this happening (skin conditions, eye health and previous allergies)

In the majority of cases it’s a simple case of a removal of the extensions and maybe a trip to the chemist if it was severe enough. Any visible symptoms tends to clear in three days so that’s why we like 6 days to ensure it wouldn’t impact on your wedding.

We really don’t want to scare you, it’s incredibly rare and generally easily managed and perhaps we are overly cautious. All cosmetic treatments come with an element of risk and our priority is to reduce this to the absolute minimum.

But when it comes to your wedding day, and your health, we really won’t take any chances.


Moka & Sarah x

Have a beautiful day xxx