The Moka & Sarah Story – Eyelash Extensions in London

‘Moka & Sarah’


Following years of having eyelash extensions in London, Sarah knew she loved them but had became frustrated with premature shedding, applications that were too heavy or too thin and overall a very hit and miss process. Finally she found a lash extension technician who gave her everything she always dreamed of… Moka (who had recently moved to London from Japan).

Sarah was amazed at her beautiful, weightless lashes that enhanced her eyes, lasted so long and caused no damage to her natural lashes. The treatment was so relaxing and Moka’s work so delicate, that Sarah knew this was something really special and the product of passion and experience.

Moka had trained artists all over the world and soon Sarah began learning her art, Moka was so impressed with her natural talent she encouraged her to pursue it.

They became friends and soon discovered they both shared the same passion for providing the highest standard of beauty treatments and service. They wanted to bring the very best eyelash extensions techniques to London.

Just two years later, Moka & Sarah was born…


Moka was born in Kyoto, Japan in 1980. As a young girl she developed a passion for both art and beauty and soon found the perfect creative outlet.

At 18 she began training as an eyelash artist and following 5 years developing her skill she opened her first salon in Kyoto, this was such a success she soon opened a second and was personally treating over 1000 clients a year.

In Japan the market is extremely competitive as the majority of women have the treatment on a regular basis; unfortunately, bad practice led to damage to the natural eyelashes and the government enforced strict laws preventing artists treating clients until they qualified with a three year course.

Moka had previously spent many years developing a technique to ensure the health of the natural eyelash so she took this opportunity to open a training school to ensure correct practice and teach her skills. The school soon became a huge success but there was something Moka still felt she needed to achieve…

Everyone’s natural eyelashes are unique and there are huge variations amongst nationalities. Moka knew this and wanted to ensure her technique catered to everyone. This led to her leaving her life in Kyoto and spending the next year travelling all over the world and treating clients of various nationalities in Milan, Kenya, Abu Dabi, New York, Delhi, Barcelona, Hong Kong, Paris, Rio, Phuket, Columbia, Moscow…the list goes on.

Three years ago Moka arrived in London and fell in love with the city…. And after settling here, she decided she wanted to start a business that provided something truly special and unique…

…Not long after that, Moka met Sarah.