Best eyelash extension training course?

best eyelash extension training courseBest eyelash extension training course? If your googling that then it’s likely you are in the same position I was 5 years ago. I’m Sarah, cofounder of Moka & Sarah and I hope I can offer you some advice from my journey.

There are a huge amount of options to those wishing to learn the art eyelash extensions, those looking to enter the industry can feel completely overwhelmed by the products and courses available.  With the technical terms and misleading sales pitches it can lead to a lot of expensive mistakes. I should know, it happened to me.

Before training with Moka and us founding the London Salon I was working as an executive producer in television and radio. It was an amazing job but I had burnt out. I desperately wanted a career change and to start my own business.

A chance meeting with Moka for eyelash extensions turned out to be a life changing moment. You can read our story hear.

I was a loyal client of Moka’s and when she left London to train students overseas for 6 months I was at a total loss, trying what seemed like every salon in London. Why couldn't I find someone who would apply my eyelashes like she did? 

best eyelash extension training course

Eyelash Extension by 'Moka & Sarah - London'


Realising how addictive Moka’s treatment was it dawned on me this was the business opportunity I had been looking for. I would learn to create eyelash extensions and there were businesses claiming they offered the best eyelash extension training courses that could teach you in a day!


I booked myself on a one day course with a UK provider. Following the course I bought lots of products they recommend to me that promised to transform my skill, cut the time, were the next big thing etc


When Moka returned from Japan  she offered to look at my application. I showed my new skills by applying to a friend with the haul of products I was using.


Moka checked through my work and, I now realise, very politely told me we had to start again from the very beginning. In her opinion a lot of the techniques and products I was using risked hurting my friend and led to a very poor application of eyelash extensions. I realise now how right she was.


My eyelash kit was subtly confined to the bin and she arranged for everything I needed to be sent either from Japan or her trusted European suppliers. My new Japanese case was  shockingly small compared to my now disposed of previous kit.


‘Sarah you don’t need lots of products, just the right ones. These are for people who don't know how to apply eyelash extensions. Invest once, care for your products and really master your skill’

We spent a solid weekend learning every aspect of the process so I was able to practise safely on my own. 3 months later I was well on the way to becoming an artist.


In the end I trained twice, so let’s try to prevent you doing the same.


Of course we will talk about our own training course here, we’ll include the benefits and why surprisingly it may not be right for everyone.  This is a big investment and it’s essential the student makes the right choice for them.


So many salons offer eyelash extension and thousands take courses but there are so few incredible artists. And these artists will be fully booked forever as clients won’t go anywhere else. 


When mastered correctly eyelash extensions are big business, our salon is continually fully booked with over 1000 names on the waiting list and we charge one of the highest premium prices. What person wouldn’t want to leave their job, work less hours, take long holidays and generate that type of revenue. But there’s a catch, clients may not be aware of it but what they are paying for is the skill mostly and also the correct products being used. If this isn’t in place then the dream can become a nightmare.

Dream Expectations

Nightmare Result  (Not our work)


Those taking eyelash extension trainings courses are often under the mistaken impression that they will be able to achieve the standard customers expect within a few weeks. This is dangerous for both the artist and the customer.


So here we’ll tell you exactly what to look for and what to expect from a course and which one is the best eyelash extension training course for your needs and expectations.


The best eyelash extension training course for beginners


  • Depending on the country you work in, you will need to be insured with accredited body. So make sure the first course is accredited and enables you to obtain insurance. It may be the best eyelash extension training course but if you can't work safely and legally you'll need to train again.
  • Look for an intensive course. From my experience a one day training course that qualifies a student is nowhere near adequate for what is essentially a potentially very dangerous treatment. Half of that 1 day will spent in theory and often sales pitches for products and then the students have the chance to try the application for an hour or so.
  • Spend time of your research. We retrain so many students like me who have previously taken a quick and more budget friendly course and this isn’t economical in either time or money. This has led us to develop our soon to launch conversion course. An online program for those who have a qualification from another provider but feel unable to deliver the treatment or that their learning was not sufficient. The development and filming has taken over 6 months and is currently being tested on focus groups of students. 
  • How much learning is provided outside of the time with your tutors. Our Foundation Course requires pre study from the student, then two days with Moka & Sarah in which 13 hours are spent with the student completing the treatment. Following the course the learning continues with HD training online and we do not recommend our students charge until 3-6months initial intensive practise and reaching a certain criteria. The student will then be qualified and insurable with UK bodies but in order to qualify with our brand a further course and examination are required. You can read more about our qualification program here.

Foundation Course at Moka & Sarah Professional


Is our Foundation option the best eyelash extension training course?

It depends on what you are looking for. It's not right for someone who wants to learn eyelash extensions for a hobby or a side job. It’s not a quick way to make money and our method is harder work for therapist, that’s why it commands a premium price in the salon. No part of the process is untested and there is no option to cut corners. Students who have the ability to invest much time in practise and learning can look forward to an extremely rewarding, flexible and very profitable career. As with everything good in life, hard work is needed.

How to look for the best eyelash extension training course at any level


  • How many people are in the group? On our foundation course we keep it to 3 students per tutor, so Moka & Sarah have a maximum group of 6. This is essential as beginners need a great deal of attention. We also run HD training videos in the training suite through the day so students can refer to this if having rest.
  • Can you see the course structure online? If not ask to see it. How much time will you be spending learning the skill. Medical and Safety Theory is vital and we require our students to study in advance of attending so we can maximise their understanding and time with us. But if you are only apply for 1-2 hours you simply won’t learn enough to practise the treatment, let a lone charge for it. The best eyelash extension training courses will ensure you are intensively trained in the application.
  • Does your trainer operate a successful salon/business? Have a great client list? Can you see examples of their work? It’s a testament to your trainer if they are currently operating a business you aspire to own.
  • How does your learning continue after the course? Is the manual thorough and is their options to train online? The best eyelash extension training course tutors will love to hear from their students. Many of them pop in to see us for a cup of coffee and we regularly arrange events with those that are local. Your success is the basis of our success.
  • Are they providing an artist case with high quality products? We design our products ourselves or import from over 12 different countries. It would be much more economical to buy from one supplier or manufacturer but the products are vital to success and just because a supplier makes beautiful eyelash extensions doesn’t mean their tweezers will be of the required standard. The majority of our products are handmade for us in Japan in small runs and then shipped in small amounts to the UK. This is extremely expensive but absolutely essential. Every single shipment is hand checked and we have never seen a faulty product in the batch. If we find one, we change supplier. We only use our own products when treating clients.
  • Is the business over selling you? ‘This is the best course in the world, you won’t get this anywhere else, triple your income’ etc. Customers are much smarter in todays market and promises like this have not been thought through.  Do you feel the they are pressurising you into a sale? We strive to be as honest as we can about whether the course is right for the student and the best eyelash extension training course provider will too.

Ultimately you want to take all these aspects into account as well as how you feel about the business/person so you can make an informed decision.

We are fully aware that even though our courses will provide critical and highly detailed learning to create beautiful eyelash extensions but ultimately, the measure of longterm success is down to the students work ethic. Look for a provider who is exerienced, ethical and honest about this aspect as it means there integrity and