What are Japanese Eyelash Extensions?

Japanese eyelash extensions are a term that is common in the beauty industry in parts of Asia (Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea etc) and is now emerging in Europe. It means a high standard of artist who can apply eyelashes that are non damaging, long lasting and naturally beautiful. The is no discomfort, alcohol based products or gel pads used in the treatment unlike in Western Markets.

Japan and South Korea are where eyelash extensions were invented over 20 years ago. In the last decade they started to become popular in the UK.

Given that most women have the treatment continuously in Japan and the Government regulate the industry requiring extensive training the standard of artists is very high in comparison to other markets. In the West there are huge variations in the standards of artists.



What are the benefits of achieving  Japanese Eyelash Extension level? E.g Tier 2 pass - Qualified with Moka & Sarah - Professional 

  • Qualification with the 'Moka & Sarah' brand and the option to partner with it.

Advantages to the client

  • Naturally, beautiful eyelashes without makeup
  • Completely weightless feel
  • Tailored appearance to suit their eye shape
  • Can be maintained long term
  • No loss of natural eyelashes
  • Gentle, painless and relaxing treatment
  • 21-35 days before requiring rebalance

Advantages to the Artist

  • Highly profitable treatment within a 40 hour week
  • Very few competitors can provide this level
  • Low material costs
  • Enjoyable artistic application
  • Clients can be retained long term
  • Highly popular treatment if you have the correct skills

Why can’t I learn Foundation and Artist Skill on a single course?

As with all skills, it’s vital to master the essential skills prior to progressing on the more advanced technique. In the same way a dancer, musician or even surgeon’s learning is structured over a period of time. Eyelash Extensions are far more technical and therefore far more profitable than other ‘beauty treatments’. We see it as a true art although our application is very process led.

We teach the most content we possibly can on Foundation and the course is extremely practical leading to amazing results from our students, some from their very first application

Can I charge clients straight away?

Following passing your Foundation Course you can begin to practise as much as possible with family/friends/models. However we require 2-6 months practise to reach the quota defined on your course that clients will expect when you begin to charge. We do recommend you take Artist Skill prior to charging full price for your service but this is not required.

If you were only to take Foundation and master the skills taught you would have the tools to create a successful business. Artist skill is there to take you to the next level.

The skills taught, once mastered, can deliver an extremely profitable and highly rewarding career that will set you apart in the market. It is the primary reason the Moka & Sarah salon has a waitlist of over a thousand, simply due to the skill of application and the products used. It is not something that can be learned on a single course.

Case studies are not required to obtain your certificate as we feel photography is highly inaccurate in detailing a safe/ long lasting application. 

Eyelash Extensions are an extremely skilled treatment, it would be both unfair to our students and unsafe for their clients to imply you can begin a paid service immediately. When new artists attempt this after insufficient training it often leads to issues that prevent them wanting to continue providing this highly enjoyable business. This is why so many students take eyelash extension courses every year but few fail to establish a successful business.

Those that have the required dedication to complete 2- 6 months of initial practise, can look forward to an extremely profitable, flexible and enjoyable career.

Can I use the  Moka & Sarah London/Professional brand name on my advertising, website and social media accounts? Can I say I qualified and trained with you following my Foundation Course?

Eyelash Extensions take a considerable amount of practise to master. We are really passionate about creating the highest standard of artists from our boutique. We therefore do not allow students who have not successfully completed Tier 2 (Artist skill and the Moka & Sarah Professional Qualification Exam) to advertise they are qualified or trained with our brand. In the same way that a student who only took 2 terms year of a three year degree could not say they have graduated from the University or achieved the qualification.

This may seem quite restrictive but we actually impose this to protect our students, our brand and create a fair system. If one student takes our Foundation Course but fails to practise and then advertises as qualified to our standard of service it can be damaging and diminish another students business who has really developed their skill and is advertising the same.

Please consider this fully prior to booking on the course, Foundation will equip you with the knowledge to create beautiful eyelash extensions but ultimately this is a highly technical skill that requires time and practise between each stage of learning to achieve the very highest standards.

Can you provide a model for me?

We do not offer this service as we find it is much better for the student to first work on a friend or family member as they can report back to you on the eyelash retention following your course. We also find the student is more relaxed in this scenario leading to a much better learning experience.

For artist skill we require you to bring a model who has been wearing your extensions for 3 weeks. This gives us a greater understanding of where your current applications strengths and weaknesses are.