Advance your eyelash extension skills with our award-winning Japanese Feathering technique that can last for up to 8 weeks. 

Multiple extensions are wrapped, one at a time, to the natural eyelash to deliver the longest lasting treatment In the market. The Japanese Feathering application can be designed to appear as one lash with feathered tips or as a delicate fan that last longer than ever before. 

Combine these techniques to create countless beautiful designs that look and feel completely weightless...

Japanese Feathering Eyelash Extensions


● Japanese Feathering applies multiple extensions to a single eyelash using Moka & Sarah’s sculpting application which wraps each extension around the natural lash at different points for a very secure bond that can last up to 8 weeks. 

● Because the extensions are applied one at a time to the natural lash, Japanese Feathering can create an infinite range of designs and textures! Extensions can be applied to appear as one with feathered tips or you can mix up the lengths and thicknesses in a fan design for stunning results that are bespoke to your client.

● Safely extend the eyelashes further than ever before with Moka & Sarah's premium eyelash extensions. They feature tapered cuts, a feather soft flexible feel, a curl that lasts for months and ultra subtle shine for stunning eyelashes that look and feel completely weightless.

● Moka & Sarah's eyelash treatments focus on preserving the health of the natural eyelash along and can be worn continuously without break. From our water based pretreatment through to our ultra flexible adhesive, our premium product collection is vegan friendly and kind to the natural lashes. Qualified providers learn to master all aspects of delivering a flawless Japanese treatment.


● Those qualified in the Japanese Classic eyelash extension course by Moka & Sarah who are confident in the application and delivering it regularly. 

● Those qualified with another provider in an eyelash extension course (Classic/Classic & Volume) can enrol on our Japanese Feathering Conversion Course.


Our unique eyelash extension course structures are renowned for advancing the skill of the artists in an accelerated time frame:


Focused purely on developing your skill in delivering Japanese Feathering

The Moka & Sarah Members benefit enables student to retake their intensive practical day whenever they wish.

● 1 day intensive live model practical training 

10am - 4pm


Following your practical tuition you will continue to learn and develop new advanced skills 

● 4K HD video & manual guides to perfect your new Japanese Feathering skills.

 ● Personnel mentoring with Moka & Sarah.


Achieving the Japanese Feathering eyelash extension qualification.

● Case study submission to qualify in the treatment and receive certification.

Our eyelash extension courses are often booked in advance. 

You will be informed of available dates when applying - we would love to see you as soon as possible.


Eyelash Extension courses London
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Lash Extension course London


● Comprehensive Japanese Feathering treatment theory

● Advancement of your current Japanese eyelash extension treatment skills, e.g Japanese tape work, isolation

● Achieving maximum retention through assessment of eyelash type/ shedding cycles

● Advanced design consultation

● 2 x Japanese Feathering techniques 

● Japanese Fan technique

● Combining the techniques for beautiful results

● Curl blending for eye shape enhancement 

● Bespoke designing for client bone structures 

● Comprehensive treatment theory

● Advancement of your current Japanese treatment skills

● Achieving maximum retention 

● Advanced design consultation.

● 2 x Japanese Feathering techniques 

● Japanese Fan technique

● Combining the techniques for beautiful results

● Curl blending for eye shape enhancement 

● Bespoke designing for client bone structures 


Moka & Sarah are a brand of RE:NEW beauty and the majority of our training takes place at their head offices in Hemel Hempstead.

In addition we offer courses in RE:NEW centres across the UK and at various international locations.

The most suitable location will be discussed following your application.


£399.00 inc VAT

Your course price includes premium eyelash extension products to add to your current artist case from The Feathering Collection RRP £130.00

Our products are designed to work in perfect synergy with our techniques

 ● Japanese Feathering Tweezer

 ● Mixed Length C Curl 0.07 Eyelash Extensions 

 ● Mixed Length C Curl 0.10 Eyelash Extensions 

 ● Moka & Sarah Artist Guide

 ● +F Adhesive

 ● Fleece Towel   


● Lifetime access to Moka & Sarah Members benefits

● Moka & Sarah Japanese Feathering™ Artist certificate

● You will be able to post the Japanese Feathering brand icon to your website and social media

● 10% discount with ABT insurance provider

● Access to exclusive future in person and online courses for Moka & Sarah qualified artists, from master classes in advanced design and combining application styles

● The opportunity to submit your work for our 2020 Artist Awards to feature on mokaandsarah.com / Instagram and win premium products

● Moka & Sarah Japanese Feathering™ Artist certificate 

● The Japanese Feathering brand icon for your website and social media

● 10% discount with ABT insurance provider

● Access to exclusive future in person and online courses

● The opportunity to submit your work for our 2020 Artist Awards


● You must be able to provide a model for the practical element of your course from 1pm - 4pm or you will sadly be unable to take part.

● You must have a confident delivery of the Japanese Classic treatment in and be able to deliver it within a 2 hour window.

● In order to qualify in the treatment you must submit case studies that are approved.

● Good eyesight is essential - this is very intricate work. Students should be ensure they have the correct glasses or contact lenses prior to your course. 

● If you wish to cancel your course simply let us know more than 8 weeks prior to your start date and you will receive a full refund. If you cancel less than 8 weeks you will incur a charge of 25% of the cost of your course. Unfortunately, if you cancel less than 4 weeks before the course start date no refunds can be given and 100% of the course cost will be charged. If you would like to change the date of your course this must be done at least 4 weeks prior to your course start date. 


How much is the Japanese Feathering Treatment?

Artists qualified with Moka & Sarah currently charge between £100 - £200 per treatment/rebalance depending on their location and experience. Initially you may not meet these price points but as you develop your business and grow your client base you will adjust your pricing to reflect this.

At our London Atelier we charge £350.00 - £1000.00 per treatment. This is due to our experience, location and the extensive waiting list for our services. Many clients regularly travel long distances and some from overseas to see us. We will be directing our waiting to our qualified artists in the coming year.

We allocate 2 hours - 2 hours 30 per appointment and see our clients every 4 - 6 weeks. 

Instead of a client having a full set then infills every few weeks we offer our 'rebalance' service which is a very thorough removal of any extensions no longer in perfect condition and a reapplication to exactly match the original set. The ability to provide a consistent service at every appointment is a key factor to an artist's success and client retention.

Our rebalance pricing and time taken are very similar to the first application due to the level of skill and care in each appointment.
Clients are more than happy to pay a premium price for less regular rebalance appointments.

From an artists perspective it is far more financially beneficial and personally rewarding to charge a higher price for your time to see clients in this format and deliver a premium service at every appointment.

When can I begin advertising the treatment?

In order advertise and charge for the Japanese Feathering you will need to submit and pass your case studies. You will then receive your certificate.

Some students are able to submit successful case studies after 3 weeks where as others may take longer. Ultimately this is a premium treatment and it is important that every artists listing it as a service is delivering it to the correct standard with our premium products so it can retain its position in the market and benefit all those who have achieved the qualification. 

Can you provide a model for me?

We do not offer this service as we find it is much better for the student to first work on a friend or family member as they can report back to you on the eyelash retention following your course. We also find the student is more relaxed in this scenario leading to a much better learning experience. 

Please ensure you can provide a model for your course booking.

Apply for Placement

This course is for artists who have previously trained with Moka & Sarah

If you are new to Moka & Sarah please see our Japanese Feathering Conversion

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