Your models should arrive between 12.45pm and 1pm on Sunday. They will be with us until 5.30pm We look forward to meeting them as well! They will be able to leave wearing your eyelash extensions.

In order to ensure your model is suitable and safe to apply to, please check the following with them prior to arriving on the course.

  • No previous reactions or irritation to eyelash extensions.
  • No known allergies to any type of adhesive.
  • No cuts, abrasions, active eczema on the eyes or face.
  • No eye infections, conjunctivitis/blepharitis.
  • No surgery to the eye in the last 6 months.
  • No permanent makeup/ tattooing to the eye area in the last month.
  • Healthy natural eyelashes (not severely damaged).
  • No eye makeup or eyelash extensions on the day.
  • Ability to lie still for significant amounts of time.

    Patch Testing For Models?

    At Moka & Sarah Professional we prioritise the safety of our students and their models above all else. We research this constantly and after detailed conversations with our insurers, contracted medical advisers and manufacturers, we have concluded to not issue a home patch test to students. 

    Moka has treated over 15,000 clients and in the 3 cases when she has witnessed allergic reactions they have been after the client has been wearing extensions long term and they have developed a mild response.
    When researching cases across the industry we have concluded that mishandling of the adhesive, applying to the skin or using non EU approved adhesives containing the recently banned hydroquinone can trigger a reaction and it may be more severe. 

    A skin patch test performed by a Foundation student has an element of risk due to the inexperience of handling the adhesive  and the necessity to apply to the skin. On this basis, we withdrew it. 
    It is only safe for a novice to perform a skin patch test as opposed to applying to the eye as is recommended once trained.

    Please note that a patch test to the eye does not always show an allergic response when there is one due to the exposure time and amount used being too small.
    The majority of allergies develop over continued exposure, not on first application as commonly thought. It is vital to access the risk at every appointment with clients. Not just the first time.

    The only trigger ingredient in EU approved eyelash extension adhesives is cyanoacrylate, it can be found in medical grade/cosmetic adhesives as well as household ones.
    Every eyelash extension adhesive designed to retain on a semi permanent basis contains it. If your model has ever experienced irritation to any type of adhesive in the past please make us aware.

    Allergic reactions are extremely rare if the adhesive only contains EU approved ingredients, is correctly stored and applied correctly. 
    There is still always a small risk of an allergy developing and these are generally easily managed.

    We will be discussing this in great detail on the course as it's such a vital part of your learning and you will learn effective ways of assessing the risk of allergic reaction via medical indicators and preventing your actions triggering one.